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How do others store multiple terabytes of HTPC content?

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November 27, 2012 5:19:52 PM

I just built an HTPC that has been permanently parked under the TV in my home office for perhaps a week now. I've been attempting to compile digital copies of all my television seasons, DVD's, blurays, and existing catalog of high-fidelity music on the new build, simply to avoid the pain of having to go dig through stacks of physical cases when I want to watch a particular movie or episode before bed or to use as background while working. However, I have managed to fill a 500gb drive with 475gb of media since Friday. I had started out with full-blown .ISO copies, but then switched to encoded formats to save space and time. I am going to go grab a 1TB drive to add in today, but at best I have 10% of what I would ideally hope to eventually have saved complete for all the space I have used.

Do enthusiasts who really use their HTPC on a consistent basis just deal with multiple 1-2TB drives being jammed into the system? Or at some point, would it be more efficient or logical to just buy an external enclosure? The other option I suppose would be to start taking the middle-ground approach, and simply have encoded 50gb BD-R DL discs that each hold, say, a complete television series that originally was spread over 10 or 15 DVD's. It won't be click-and-view, but it would be easier flipping through a couple dozen of those discs in a wallet than abandoning the effort....

a c 323 G Storage
November 27, 2012 5:49:55 PM

I use a small HTPC with a little SSD and have a networked 8 disk NAS down in the office with loads of BluRay isos and all my older DVDs images for movies that I didn't update to BluRay. No way that I could fit it all on just a few 2 or 3Tb drives.

I could never find my movies before, now they are all there in alphabetical order, very handy.
a c 119 G Storage
November 27, 2012 5:56:49 PM

You can setup a network storage using several 3 or 4 TB hard drives.

The external enclosure will hold up to three drives of 3 TB each and the Western Digital Reds are designed for NAS and 24/7 use so you can put up to three of these drives in that enclosure and have 9 TB of storage space.
This is all depending on your budget as to how you want to set this up.