Old PSU plugged on my old video card

How do you unplug the PSU from teh video card? The plugged part is white nonclear and has 4 metal strips with four wires; 2 black, 1 yellow, and 1 red.
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  1. I believe you're referring to a Molex connector


    Just grip it by the plastic piece and *GENTLY* pull until it comes out. If you yank on it and pull off a piece of your video card..... I might laugh. And then feel bad, but I'll still laugh first.
  2. Mine's is more rectangular and not as transparent, and it is almost impossible to gently pull it out...

    The plug is connect to a molex connector though.
  3. Sometimes those are tricky to pull out, you SHOULD be gentle, but sometimes a little force is needed.
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