I5-760 on H55 mini itx


Just removed my GTX 460 and sold (at retail price ;p ) to await arrival of GTX 580.

No video now when I plug the mobo DVI to the monitor.

Am I correct in thinking the H55 has no display capability if not coupled with a 1156 CPU + integrated graphics (e.g. i3 530).

So no output using an i5-760 (no integrated graphics)

Or will this be the BIOS trying to use PCIE/PCI and ignoring onboard graphics of the mobo.

Just a bit annoying with a nice rig but cant use atm...
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  1. Solved. H55 no graphics at all....zilch. But like it as can use integrated on i3 530 or dedicated with i5 750 / 760.

    Just bought a GT 430 to run me until the GTX 580 arrives. Then ill dump the GT 430 in a dual core atom mini itx...bit of Left for Dead 2 on the TV when get bored.
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