What could my problem be? I have no clue any input is appreciated.

I'm building a computer for my younger brother and after connecting everything in my computer powers on for a split second only (the cpu fan spins) and it shuts off. What could possibly be the problem?! I've tried plugging everything in.
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More about what problem clue input appreciated
  1. Going to need a lot more information than that. Start with the actual parts your using.

    Still, a "no boot" problem is difficult to diagnose without being there. Go do everything in the Troubeshooting thread. There's a link in my signature and through the stickies at the top of the forum. Make sure to actually do everything suggested. Many times the problem can be solved with a simple solution.
  2. Specs:

    Corsair 850hx
    MSi NF980-g65 AM3 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130236
    955 3.2 quad core black edition
    I first tried the onboard video then tried my 4850 both didn't work.

    also, what are the most basic things a computer needs to boot?
  3. To start, it needs everything connected to the motherboard. Make sure the CPU, RAM, and GPU are all seated on the board correctly. Then make sure the CPU's heatsink is properly mounted to the CPU and the fan's power is plugged in. This is critical, since booting without a heatsink will often completely fry the CPU. The CPU fan's power connection is located just above the CPU socket. The is also critical since most boards won't boot without a fan plugged in here. All SATA devices should be connected to the board via a SATA cable.

    Next, the build needs power. The PSU needs to have it's 24-pin connector attached to the motherboard's power input. The slot is righ next to the RAM slots. Next comes the CPU's power connector. Plug the 8-pin (I think it's 8 pin for the board, but it might be 4) CPU power connector. The slot is right next to the rear panel. Then plug in the direct power to the GPU. It's a 6 pin connector. Finally, plug in the moles connectors for all of the fans and SATA devices.

    After that, you need to connect all of the case wires. They'll generally run from the front top of the case to the bottom of the motherboard. These include any USB headers, the power/reset button and the headphone port. They should all be labeled on both the cable and the port. This might actually be easier to do before plugging in the power.

    Basically, you need to make sure that every that can be connected is. There is no possible way to plug something in wrong.
  4. Hey I've been reading the thread you referred me to, and a bit of research from google and they say it could be something that's touching the motherboard, so i plan on taking everything out (motherboard power supply etc and putting all of it on a wooden table, I'll be standing on carpet while working is that dangerous for static and such? What if I wear an anti static wrist strap, is there any chance of me frying the equipment? I'll try that and report back here, thanks man.
  5. That would be the "bread boarding" that was mentioned in the thread. I would try everything else first, since it's a pain to rebuild everything outside of the case and then rebuild it in the case again.

    I wouldn't really want to be building while on carpet, but as long as you take the necessary step of grounding yourself a lot, you'll be just fine. If you're using an anti static wristband or doing something else to remove the static, you'll have almost no chance of frying any parts.
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