CPU overheating - fan error?

Grettings, forum.

I need help solving my cpu overheating problem.

Pretty much all games, and especially older ones, is overheating my cpu. I have concluded that the problem is the cpu fan which, for some reason, is always running at a constant 1000 rpm.

The result is that games are able to run for about 15 minutes (with lowest gfx settings) before the cpu reaches critical temperature and computer shuts down. I'm using SpeedFan to monitor the temperatures. GPU is always around 77C while the CPU (Core 0 and Core1) goes from 40C to 90+ (higher than 89 is represented by -36C).

After som research it _should_ be possible to increase the rpm of the fan manually (to like, say, 2200 rpm) either by OS software or in BIOS settings. I've tried both without success. I also tried switching the fan cord connector (3-pinned, 3 colors) from "CPU FAN" to "FAN 2" on motherboard, resulting in an even lower rpm (700).

In BIOS there are 2 options of relevance in the PC Health section:

Smart FAN Control Method: Auto / Intel(R) QST / Legacy / Disabled
Smart FAN Control Mode: Auto / Voltage / PWM

I've tried every combination of those without any speed increase.

In SpeedFan some voltages are also shown:
VCore1: 1,17V
VCore2: 1,89V
+3.3V: 3,34V
+5V: 4,97V
+12V: 1,66V

-12V: -16,97V
-5V: -6,26V
+5V: 5,30V

That +12V seems, for one, a bit weird at a glance. Can the problem be any of those? And if so, how do I manually change them?

Any help would be of greatest appreciation.

---My setup---
MB: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 iP35, Socket 775 ATX
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0Ghz, FSB1333 Socket 775
CPU Cooler/Fan: ZEROtherm Main-Sream CPU Cooler CF900
RAM: 4GB PC2-6400
GPU: GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
PSU: be quit! Straight Power 500W ATX
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  1. Not 100 percent familiar with gigabytes bios, but there should be a place in settings to change the cpu fan properties as well as case fan headers.
  2. sportsfanboy said:
    Not 100 percent familiar with gigabytes bios, but there should be a place in settings to change the cpu fan properties as well as case fan headers.

    As stated in my post, I've already tried that.

    Or are you referring to another option?

    Need some serious help here =\
  3. Quote:
    Upgrade bios.Your 12v voltage is strange.

    Speedfan doesn't always report the correct voltage. try using "hardware monitor".


    @OP: have you vacuumed out all/any dust that may be trapped in the fan and heat sink? If 1000 rpm is as fast as that fan is turning, it may be going bad. They do wear out eventually. You can replace the fan or the entire HSF assembly.

    If your PSU has a "fan only" connector, you can try temporarily moving your fan cable from the motherboard to the PSU's fan connector to see if it makes a difference.
  4. what I meant was a setting that lets you chose a percentage of say 40 to 100 percent. For instance, a couple of my case fans are set in bios to run at 70 percent of 100. I can do similar things with the cpu, but I have a fan controller for the rest of my fans.

    If you want serious, a fan controller will give you serious control over your fans behavior, and there not expensive.
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