Hardware Specification Required (Intel)

We are the leading digital media company in India and having various installations including very remote places of India.

Current machine configuration is Intel P4 Dual Core with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD (Windows XP). Machine continuously runs for almost 18-20 hrs per day with room temperature 400 C to 450 C.

We are getting very poor response from machine especially from inbuilt voice card. On few machines we have installed external sound card where the response is quite better.

We are looking for an expert advice from you that what would be an ideal machine configuration for above scenario. or SDK will improve the Application performance.

plz reply...
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  1. You should install air conditioning; I don't know of any computer that can function in 400C - 450C. Proper cooling may also allow proper functioning of the on-board sound.
  2. im sure he means 40-45 degrees C
  3. criticcc said:
    im sure he means 40-45 degrees C

    I hope so! But even that is still pretty high for operating a high performance computer 18-20 hours/day.
    Maybe he'll post some more details on the environment and the system's components' makes and models.
  4. I certainly hope so. Forget the computer, I don't know any worker who can work in 400c temp.

    I don't think I can help very much. I don't know what "very poor response from machine especially from inbuilt voice card." means, nor do I know what the software you use suggests you need. I do know that if your using an old P4D that the newer dual core Atoms are as fast as those. Any of the new CPUs should show a big improvement in CPU power compared to the old P4.
  5. i am sorry its 40 C to 45 C. coz its installed in open and public areas. we are using windows Media Player to play Advertisements. and for better performance we are using external Graphic cards (A.T.I.). is there any other API , or software through that i can Achieve my task.
  6. I think we might be getting a clearer picture about whats going on, but just in case why don't you tell us what you have, and what you're trying to do.
  7. +1^
  8. On the old systems you have, the audio codec built-into the motherboard may sap power from the CPU if that is what you are talking about. The best way to fix that is to spend about $20 (in the US market at least) on a cheap add-on sound card. Make sure you get one with a dedicated processor, some of the really cheap ones are basically just cable connections that end up using the CPU for decoding audio.
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