[URGENT] Got my parts for the 2nd time..afraid to build?

Hey everyone,

So I got my PC parts 2 weeks ago, I was VERY excited and I immediately tore off all the packaging and began putting my PC together. (For the FIRST time.) needless to say, I made some mistakes, but all were small mistakes and moved on.

I was finished in 2 days, then when I opened it, My PC turns on but would not post. I took it to a computer expert (Relative of mine.) He examined it and couldn't find anything wrong either, everything was done correctly and checked twice. He concluded saying it might be a DOA board of CPU. Now I'm afraid I could've done the damage to make the board or CPU not post. I returned both anyways and I got my replacement today.

There it is, my CPU and MOBO sitting in it's packaging. Why am I so afraid? I'm afraid I might hurt the MOBO again and end up having another bad MOBO (even though the previous one wasn't my fault....or was it?) or CPU.

I'm scared I might have dented the bottom of the mobo while I had spent 4 hours trying to get the heatsink to latch? I was pushing it down maybe I dented it??

Now either I can wait another 2 weeks (Relative on vacation) and have my relative next to me while I put it together... or I could do it myself right now and not wait so long. I putted it together myself the first time with no clue, but now I can put it together with ease. I'm just scared of handling/damaging it.

Honestly I've anticipated for this day for years. IF I build it today, any precautions? (FOR EVERY PART and ESD) any advice?

SIDENOTE* Where I live is 100 degrees or higher with DRY condition. Absolutely no humidity at all. I live in an all carpet home, I have anti- static wrist strap but the INTERIOR of my case is PAINTED as well I don't know if I was grounded or not. (since you can only ground yourself with un-painted metal.)
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  1. Did you sacrifice a chicken to the technology gods in the light of a full moon?

    No, well that is alright they are more into Hotpockets anyway. It sounds like you are doing everything right so relax and take it step by step. On the HSF (heatsink/fan) if you install the processor and HSF before mount the board in the chassis you can make sure that the HSF is fully connected to the board so you don’t have to worry about bending the motherboard.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Yeah, the worst part of a new build is when you press that power button. As forest would say, "you never know what your going to get". Put the heat sink on first, take your time and enjoy the process. Once you do have everything put together, double and even triple check all your connections. I wish i could build a new pc every month for myself, i love at it.
  3. Ground yourself on some metal before grounding yourself to your case--then your charge can't be too high and walk around barefoot or in rubber shoes, not socks. Don't work on carpet. But static's probably not the problem.

    Chris gave some good advice about that heatsink.

    There isn't too much to say. Put it together, try to turn it on, then if it doesn't, come back here. If your mobo doesn't have a speaker, make sure to connect one so you can hear the beeps.
  4. IntelEnthusiast said:
    Did you sacrifice a chicken to the technology gods in the light of a full moon?

    That only works for Intel

    AMD builders need to scatter the entrails of a salmon on red hot charcoal while chanting the lyrics of Kalifornication
  5. To the OP .

    Build it yourself . Take your time . Read some tutorials online on how to do it .

    My record , starting with packaged components is 17 minutes to assemble a complete computer . Of course it took 3 HOURS to find out why it didnt run ...... LOL
  6. My little bit of advice. Put your Mobo / CPU / HSF / RAM / GPU together outside the case first and hook a PSU to it. Turn it on and see if you get a POST screen and that all the numbers match up. Then you can assemble it into the case (disconnect GPU / PSU first) and built it all.

    It sucks when you spend 30+ minutes screwing everything together and zip-tieing all the cables, just to find out you missed something and need to take it all apart to fix it.
  7. I'll add the suggestion of watching someone install your HSF on youtube. Type in the name of the sink and watch some vids of someone installing it. Many do take a lot of force.

    Edit: I don't mean to be insulting, but not all family guru's are created equal. My brother built himself a computer, but didn't realize that the OEM Athlon 1700+ CPU he bought didn't come with a HSF. He wanted to make sure it would work however, and how much damage could happen if he only checked out the bios? The CPU fried itself before he was even half way done looking at the bios he said. When our dad wanted a new computer, he offered to build it, but our father turned him down. He said he would rather wait for me to get some time off of work/school. You might want to post in here with system specs and error beeps if something goes wrong again.
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