i would like opinions on which would be the best component to upgrade next for the greatest performance increase...
i use my system for the following-

3)web surfing
4)watching movies,(cable and dvd's)

this is my current home built system-

1)2.8ghz 630 propus, overclocked @ 3250.2ghz
2)msi 770-g45 mainboard
3)asus directcu 5850 1gb
4)corsair ddr3 1600mhz @ 1333
5)corsair 650tx psu
6)ht omega striker 7.1 soundcard
7)artic cooler pro 64
windows 7 64 bit, gamer edition
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    I'm n00by at AMD chipsets.. can you CF on there? If so that'd be what I'd do.

    How much RAM do you have and what are the timings on them?
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