Which i7 for gaming, but on a budget?

I am building a gaming PC and I am putting good money into the mobo. I am going with the i7 1336 slot. The trouble that I am having is which one do i choose. I do not want to spend $500.00 and would like to be under that number and get the best bang for the buck. Any suggestions?
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  1. Honestly, the i5 offers similar performance and is cheaper.

  2. I guess it does look similar in specs. Thanks
  3. I agree with the i5. the 760 is a good model. Currently, any processor or $300 is definitely not good bang for buck. Actually, I personally don't think any processor over $200 is worth it's price for the performance.
    Anyway, the i5 is a good model. The only thing it is lacking is triple channel memory, a full 16 pci-e planes and hyperthreading.. Nothing of a big deal.
  4. I'm getting a good deal on it though. The price is not much more than the i5.
  5. Which model i7 are you looking at?
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