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I am looking to buy a laptop but I am confussed between the 2 graphic cards NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 and video memory Up To 2815MB 1024 MB DDR3 , respectively.

I need it for Autocad, 3d Max and Photoshop.
any assistance is appreciated

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    5650M is significantly faster than a GT 230M in gaming but both are fine for Autocad,3D max and PS.
    These tasks are mostly CPU limited,so make sure you choose a good CPU.
  2. Hi Maziar

    Thanks for the reply. I believe as long as I am not into gaming I 'll go with the NVIDIA, i7 1.6 GHZ processor. While looking for a laptop, I wanted to have a 17" screen, with an ATI radeon the price was reaching $2000 min. A 15" screen with a good graphic (ATI) card is in the range is in the same range as a 17" screen with helped me spare around $500 to $600...thanks
  3. No problem, hope you enjoy it
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