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Hi guys, just registered on here so be nice :)

I've just received my new VTX 4850 - not so known brand but i didn't think it would make much difference?
My old graphics card (3870 HD) died recently so it had to be replaced, i didn't look into buying a new PSU to upgrade with my card, as it is fairly decent (Antec Neo HE 550W - had it for 3/4 years)

Anyway, i plugged in the graphics card after removing the old one, booted the pc and it was loading up onto windows, i left the room to go and get some food just as it was on the xp loading screen. I came back upstairs 15 minutes later and noticed that the pc was off, i hit the on button and the pc booted for 0.5 seconds and then cut out, then it failed to do anything again (unless i unplug it then plug the power back in and try to turn it on again)

So i checked the graphics card box and it says 450W power supply and 550 for crossfire, now knowing that my power supply had won awards when i initially bought it, i was sceptical that it could be the problem.

Then i went and check on ati's site to see if the psu was certified for the card, i found 2 completely different answers, firstly :


here it does not list the 4850.

However, i found another link that was also on the ati site which showed the 4850 and power supplys which can support it, the Antec Neo HE 550w IS listed!

I'm just here wondering if it is the PSU simply not having enough power for the card, or whether it could be something else?

I did try plugging in my old card(s) - a 1900XT and my 3870, both of them allowed the pc to boot, the 3870 showed artifacts as it did before!

Does anybody have any suggestions, or is it just a straight "buy a new psu"

Thanks a lot, any help is very much appreciated! :)
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  1. Just tested in my friends pc with a OCZ 600SX (something like that) PSU and again, plugged it all in and pressed the on button. A light inside flashed on, then cut off straight away!

    Please, can anybody help i'm ripping my hairs out!

    Thank you :)
  2. I've also found somebody with exactly the same problem as me, this leads me to think that the GPU itself isn't damaged! So i'm left thinking it's the PSU, but then again it could be anything - motherboard, ram?

    Also i didn't properly uninstall my previous 3870's display drivers, i just deleted the Catalyst Control Centre in add or remove programs, not sure if i needed to go into the device manager or something?

    Please help!
  3. Just read elsewhere that it may be a problem with the 6pin connector on my card, this seems unlikely, but then again my PSU should definitely be coping with this card and my friends is 600W!

    Should i send this back?
  4. Bump!
  5. Bump Bump!
  6. Try booting with another graphics card.
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