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I'm not sure where exactly this should be posted as I don't know what exactly the issue is...

I have a computer, probably about five years old now (specs to follow,) which seems to boot up fine but will not bring up a display on my monitor. Monitor works fine having been tested with laptop, so monitor issues can be discounted. I used to have a Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 256MB graphics card installed, which worked find for several years (installed PCIe,) which was replaced with an AGP ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB.

I started having issues where both the sound and display would cut off (fans, hard disks, etc were still running,) which developed into a situation whereby my monitor was receiving no signal.

Assuming (or at least considering,) that this was a fault with the graphics card I went ahead and purchased a replacement Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 128MB PCIe, (since I'm not especially handy with computers but figured since this was virtually the same card as I had previously installed, it ought to work and be compatiable, etc.)

I still get no display signal.

Can someone please advise what is likely to be causing this issue? Is it worth getting someone to take a look at it?


ECS K8T890-A Version 1.0 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 3500+
MS Windows XP Home
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  1. My first guess is that you could have a problem with your motherboard if your replacement video card isn't working. It could also be a Power Supply problem too if your PSU is dying.

    If it's 5 years old, hardware problems could definitely be abound.

    Do you have another computer you can try your old video card in to make sure it's not the video card?
  2. I have an even older monstrocity that I could give it a try on; though I can't remember if it even has the same slots!

    I'm hoping its not a motherboard issue since I know that they can be quite pricey and there could be compatiability issues; I think I saw the same model, etc for around £40, which wasn't too terrible but still not fun since I'm *whispers* currently unemployed.
  3. You could try and pop it into a friends computer that has an nvidia card in case your other compy doesn't have the same slots.

    I know hardware failure sucks, it happens to everyone!
  4. Nope, old comp is virtually archaic and nobody I know with suitable comp.

    Neither of the three graphics cards I've tried in the current computer managed to bring up a display.

    So it could definitely be a motherboard failure, but still worth getting someone to take a look, even if it is just confirms that I need to replace the motherboard.
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