HAF 932 Fans - Maximizing the blue LED lights! [Need Advice]


I have the HAF 932 Case.

My motherboard+the front lights are blue, so I want to replace all of the fans in the case with Blue LED Lit Fans, while improving the airflow as much as possible.

The massive 230mm fans have TERRIBLE air flow, I could wave my hand in the hair and circulate more air.

So I'm looking where to find the 230mm Blue LED Fan (Or should I just put Led Bars in the case?)

Finding 140 or 120mm Fans is easy, but which ones have the best airflow?

This is the list of fans I need, feel free to double check it.

Front: 230 x 30 mm red LED fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19 dBA -
Replace with 230 blue LED
Will this fan work, it's 200mm... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103073&cm_re=230mm_Fan-_-35-103-073-_-Product

Side: 230 x 30 mm standard fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19 dBA (supports 120 mm fan x 4)
Replace with 4 x 120mm Blue LED Fans

Top: 230 x 30 mm fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19 dBA
(supports 120 mm fan x 3)
Replace with 3 x 120mm Blue LED Fans)

Rear: 140 x 25 mm fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
(supports 140 mm fan)
Replace with 1 x 140mm blue LED Fan

So I want to maximize the blue LED's as much as possible, because It seems fun, but I don't want to sacrifice air flow.

Any other idea's as far as lighting?

Quick Note: I just realized buying seven 120mm fans might be overkill as far as being cost-effective. Would replacing the 230mm fans with 200mm cooler master's with blue LED's be viable?
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  1. just get some LED bars or purchase the antec 1200, i believe every fan in it is blue.
  2. LED Bars will work. =]
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