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I crashed a motnerboard or power supply on my old Dell XP desktop. Removed hard drive, installed in a external drive case, connected to my new Dell Windows 7 Desktop. System stated reformat old drive to access it. Attached it to my Laptop Vista computer and was able to open and see files. Reconnected to Windows 7 and was asked to format. Tried again on Laptop and was now asked to reformat. I do not have all the data backed up so I don't want to format and erase the drive. Any solutions???

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  1. When you format a drive you don't actually erase anything you just make it so the drive can be written to and all the space is made available. You only lose the data when you write over it. There are some free software that can recover data before or after it's been formatted. This link is for one such program.
  2. Formatting a drive is data destructive. DO NOT do this if you want to save your data.

    In fact a full format (the default?) in Windows 7 will write zeros to every sector on your drive, so you will be able to recover absolutely nothing.
  3. I had same problem with my hard drive and I installed
    ease data recovery.
    It took some time to scan all of my files, but it worked like a charm... It's free, and it's good!

    Like people said before me, data stored on your HD is very resistant... just don't use yur HD untill you scan it first with some of these software ;)
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