Can RivaTuner work the with 5700 series?

Currently i use the MSI overdrive to OC my 5770, the only problem is that program takes alot of screen realestate. I found a windows gadget that gives all the information i need in a 3"x1.5" box instead of the 1/8th screen the MSI uses. But to use the gadget it gets its information from RivaTuner.

I installed rivatuner and it reconized my GPU and drivers, but it doesnt give me a low-level monitor option i need for the gadget.

anyone know how i can get this to work? or another way to monitor my GPU perameters without using up so much screen realestate?
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  1. No, Rivatuner has not been updated recently to accomidate the latest ATI cards. This means that all 5000 series ATI cards do not function properly (or at all in most cases) in RivaTuner. You could try probrams like ATITools, MSI Afterburn, or similar to get details on your 5770.
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