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ok so im planning to get a new pc inshALlah for gaming purpose mainly, what i dont require are DVD/cd rom, hard disk, keyboard and cd rom.. my MAX budget is $530, this is what ive figured out as the best build, but id like to some better suggestions. the current components i have choosen pretty much make up the MAXIMUM cost i can spend. if some one has a suggestion where i should maybe spend a lil less and spend a lil more some where, please tell me soo..

2gb mushkin ddr3 $30

acer 21.5 inch $140

Power supply 850W + motherboard $85

case $ 30

GTX 460 $180

AMD 245 2.9GHZ processor $57
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    850w is overkill for this build. If you're sticking with one 460, you only need like...500-550w.
  2. Get a smaller PSU and get a better brand motherboard. If you have room left over after that upgrade to the Athlon x3.
  3. hmm , i dont really know so could u tell me which brands are considered 'good' . and the thing is, with that motherboard and cpu combo, u get a $60 discount, so it dosent really cost much at the end.. also could some one tell me which PSU brands are good too?

    also, could some one tell me that, for gtx 460, is pci express 1.0 good enough or is recomended that i get a mother board with pci express 2.0
  4. Good PSU Brands:

    Best: Corsair, Seasonic, XFX
    Next: Antec, OCZ

    You will NEED pci express 2.0 for your gtx 460.
  5. well after furthur EXTENSIVE searching , i came up witht his combination... if someone has any additional suggestions, please do tell.. and will the power supply be enough, cause i will inshALlah probably be overclocking..

    asus mobo: $68

    lcd e machines 23 inch $145

    power supply (ocz 600w) + graphics card (gigabyte gtx 460) $220

    2gb mushkin ddr3 $30

    ahtlon X2 245 + case $73
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  7. Some of those deals aren't good anymore. But from what I can see what you planned to choose wasn't bad.
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