Graphics Upgrade - DX10 and 11 cards and Tessellation

I have been looking around and have yet to find any documentation on this so I figured I would ask here.

My current setup is 2 22in monitors as peripherals, 1 24in monitor as my main, and 1 47in tv hooked up occasionally for movies.

I am running the 22in monitors on an 8800 ultra and the main monitor on a 275 gtx, this allowed me to process my games on the 295 while running programs that are not graphics intensive on the 8800.

My question is, if I upgrade my main card to 460's in sli and move the peripherals to the 275 will i be able to run tessellation on the main screen?

The 275 would not be in sli with the 460's

Just wanted to check before I upgrade so I know if I have to change out all the cards to run tessellation.
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  1. SLIed GTX 460s can handle 3 screens on their own.
    Using a GTX 295 to run non-gaming screens would be a crazy waste of energy and processing power anyway.
  2. The 3D vision is for 3D gaming. You can use the 3 monitors in 2D, the requirement being that they must have the same resolution and refresh rate.
  3. which is not the case for me, plus i have the tv which i like to have hooked up just disconnected.
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    Alright, well if you are only gaming on the one monitor then you will be able to use tessellation and other DX11 features with the GTX 460s while running the other monitors off the GTX 275(as long as your motherboard has 3 PCIE x16 slots.)
    The GTX 275 isn't quite as large a waste as a 295 would have been but it is still one. You can replace is with a much cheaper and lower power card like a GT 220 and experience no difference at all. Ebay the GTX 275(and 8800 Ultra for that matter) pocket the cash, save on your power bill and have a quieter computer that runs cooler.
  5. ya that is probably a good idea.

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