EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked or Stock?

Hello everyone,

I'm considering (much like everyone else around here) pulling the trigger on an EVGA GTX 460, but I'm not sure whether its worth the extra cash for one of the superclocked editions.

I'm also a bit confused because the specs on the two cards linked below appear exactly the same, yet there's a $10 difference between them. Can someone explain this?



I have no experience with overclocking but I would like to give it a shot with this card. Is it worth going with one of the superclocked versions or should I save my cash and do the overclocking myself? Do the superclocked versions have greater overclocking potential than the stock cards or are they all fundamentally the same?

Thanks for all of your help.
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  1. They are both superclocked editions, but the first one is 01G-P3-1373-TR and the second is 01G-P3-1373-AR, so it comes with a lifetime warranty while the one ending in TR only comes with a two year warranty.

    Super clocked cards dont OC any better than stock cards, the chips are they same, they just give you a mild OC from the factory which you could beat by OCing the card yourself.

    Personally, i would be willing to pay the extra $10 for the longer warranty, just make sure to register it with them once you get it to activate the warranty.
  2. Great, I didn't realize that about the warranty option.

    Thanks for the quick response hunter.
  3. I agree with hunter315.
    You can easily Overclock the Graphic Card by yourself. But $10 for the a better warranty is a good choice too! ;)
  4. Any Overclock on any hardware can not be taken for granted. Some companies do have deals to get better QC passed chips for the OCed models they ship but most are just standard chips with higher than reference clocks.
    You pay extra for the guarantee that the card will run at the clocks advertised. Most cards will indeed clock just as high and higher than the factory clocked ones but its never a gimme.

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