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I recently built a computer using a asus p8z77 board, i5 3550 and seagate barracuda hdd. Raedoen 7850 graphics. After installing windows 7, and booting , everything worked fine. Then this morning, when I booted it up, it said the disk read error press ctrl alt del. I need help.
When i installed windows i used a usb to get the sata driver onto my motherboard, after that it installed fine and rebooted. I set up my account and password in windows and all was fine. Then i shut it down throught the start menu and went to bed. This morning it gave me that error. I need advice fast.
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  1. Why exactly did you need to get a sata driver on to the motherboard ? If you connect the boot drive to the first sata 3 port that is controlled by the Intel chip (z77) then you should have no trouble with a sata controller needing a driver.
  2. It wouldn't format the hard drive untill i used the driver
    I have it in a sata 6 port
  3. You may have it in a sata 6 port but is it a port that is controlled by the Intel chip ? Some motherboards have several sata ports and because the Intel chip has to control so many things the MB manufacturers will add a Marvell chip to control the other sata3 ports and the OS drive does want to be in the Intel controled port and by you having to load the controller driver I think you have it in a port controled by another chip and not the Intel chip. Which P8z77 model board do you have?
  4. the v-lk model
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