How's the ATI HD 5770 for casual gaming?

I had a Gateway P-172S FX laptop crap out on me last night, and as much as I love the portability I'm going back to a desktop. Last time I built my own, the 7800GTX was king. I paid almost $800 for it from Dell. So it's been a while.

The only computer games I play are RTS/MMO's... I haven't touched WoW since the first month that WoTLK launched, don't miss it either. Warhammer is decent, I just play the free trial, as it seems the game is on it's last leg. But I'm really interested in StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3. MAYBE I'll try Cataclysm after it launches and bugs are fixed. Then there's the older games that are still fun. Sim City, RC Tycoon 3, Age of Empires series.

That's pretty much where my PC gaming starts and ends.

Is the 5770 a capable card for my needs?
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  1. a 5770 would be a fine card for any blizzard title, unlike some companies that will make a poorly optimized POS engine the requires way more machine than should be necessary for he results *cough* crytech *cough* ; blizzard makes thier games work on most machines. a 5770 if a nice enough card that you'd likely be able to run WoW , SC2, or Diablo 3 at top settings.

    With SC2 as an RTS the most important part to gameplay will be your cpu though so make sure its up to par :D
  2. Not to start up a CPU chat in the wrong section but how about something in the Phenom II X4 line, I'm not sure of their model #'s, but around the price tag of $150?
  3. its more of an evolution to a topic really ;) and yea a phenomII x4 with a 5770 provided you have at least 4 gigs of ram you'd run anythign blizzard makes at max settings provided its on a decent mobo and the PSU has enough juice to push it :D
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