4850 GDDR5? What video card for $100?

I just saw this video card on newegg.

$100.00 4850 with 512MB of GDDR5 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102901&cm_re=4850-_-14-102-901-_-Product

My friend is about to upgrade from a 9400 GT 512MB GDDR2 so he needs a new video card. He's lookin at the $100-$130 or so price range, and I seen the 4850's are the best bang for your buck.

What's with this video card? I have never seen this before, would it be good to buy? I heard it 4870 with slower clock speeds.

Let me know which video card to buy.
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  1. Interesting, thats the first 4850 i have seen with GDDR5, they usually come with GDDR3 because otherwise they are just a 4870 with lower clock speeds and you can OC it to the same performance as a 4870. Im going to check it out on the Sapphire site to make sure its not just an error on newegg.

    Edit: I cant find it anywhere on the sapphire site, they might just be downclocking older 4870s to 4850 levels and trying to clear them out.
  2. yes the hd 4850 is a good card.....it can run games at mid-high settings at mid resolutions......

    this one will be a bit faster than that you mentioned above :


    but if you can invests some more money you can get a huge increase in performance :

  3. Its a misprint on Neweggs part.
    The hd 4850's have only gdr3.
    Its a difference between it and the 4870.
    Here is that card on Saphires web site.
    The VaporX version of that card is 99.00 also, thats the better deal, imo.
  4. Are you sure about that? DDR5 is actually in the product number;
    If you google that you'll see it listed on a number of other sites, all saying it has DDR5.
  5. not really sure if sapphire really did make 4850 with GDDR5 but if i'm not mistaken Palit make one in the past :)
  6. All the sites only link back to newegg, if it was on tiger direct too then i might believe it, but its like the i5 760 newegg has listed right now that they made up specs for and said it was 32nm and had hyper threading for several days.
  7. here is the same sapphire avialable in shoping.com :


    here is a palit version :

  8. Pay close attention to that shopping.com page, note that they do not sell anything themselves, the link to other online etailers, and where do they link you to for that particular card?

    Only to newegg.
  9. omg its true......do you think newegg did this?
  10. The 4850 with gdr5 possibilities go back to before the 4850/4870 were released. Thanks to misprints rumors start about a model existing. Try to find that model of 4850 with gdr5 on Palit's web site and you find this, gdr3.
  11. too bad they did this purposely just to sell off the cards.....
  12. Newegg sold a Saphire 4860 for a while that sported the ddr5, but it had less SP's
  13. Update:
    Against all things that make sense. I can't find any info for this model on Saphires site,
    but Newegg has a photo of the box, where you can clearly see 4850 and gddr5.
    What is this card clocked at ? Would it give a better experience than a normal 4850 ?
    Would it overclock and be equal to a higher model ?
    Who knows ? lol
  14. So have we decided if it's renamed or is it the actual thing? I'm thinking about ordering a video card today so I need to know what to get.
  15. interesting, would be nice to see some benchmarks and compare the DDR3 version to the DDR5.
  16. Well, at this point I'd say it's not a miss-print, though not providing the clock(s) is a little disconcerting.

    I would hope at least the core is 625Mhz (ref), while the memory clock is probably something different, as DDR3 is reference at 993 MHz (1986 DDR), and the 4870 is 1800 MHz (3600 DDR). So it’s probably somewhere between that, making the memory band-width almost certainly higher than the4850 63Gb/sec; though wouldn’t expect it to be a much a 4870’s 115Gb/sec.

    The question would be is this a good OC’r... man that’s a crap-shoot. Even if you could find even 5-10% that’s still 650-685MHz, not really close to the 4870’s 750MHz (or 10-12% under the ref 4870). With the price currently of $80 (–AR$10) it’s a really hard sell, given there’s a "pedestrian" Asus 4870 right today for $90 (working a $30 rebate). If that 4870 disappears and we get someone to post confirmation of spec and clocks, I might consider this to be a good deal cause other 4870's are more often $140
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