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So I am building a new gaming PC, and I need some advice on my storage setup. So my PC will be used ONLY for gaming. I have a laptop with an HDD to keep all my music, movies, pictures, etc. on and so I don't know if I need an HDD for my PC. Should I get a 1TB HDD and a 120GB SSD, or just one 256GB SSD? Remember, this is ONLY for games, no other files. So is 256GB SSD enough for the OS and all the games I want? (By the way, I am not big on a lot of games. I find games with good replay value, like Skyrim and BF3).
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  1. If you can afford the larger SSD, get it. You may get into some new games in the future and the extra space is nice. If you really don't have storage needs and only game then there is really no need for a HDD IMO.

    And optimize your SSD for speed and space so that you get the most out of it:
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