HD 4670 AGP installation issues

After I installed the 4670, I am getting a constant, short and steady, beeps when I turn the comptuer on. The screen is black and there is no hard drive activity. I know the card is getting power becuase it lights up and its fan activates.

System Specs
Emachines T3256
Athlon 2.2ghz 3200+
1.5gb of memory (upgraded)
AU31 Motherboard: 3PCI, 1AGP, and 2 DDR DIMM Slots

Thank you very much,
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    Have you disabled onboard video or enabled agp video in bios?
  2. That is a good suggestion. I will look into that and get back with you. Thanks!
  3. Mhelm1: I enabled AGP in the BIOS and connected the "optional" power connector on the video card and it works! Thanks for your help.
  4. Hate to beg, but how about best answer
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  6. Oh, I am new to this. Not a problem.
  7. Thanks,
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