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I have a problem i hope i can get help on...
So currently my parents and i have a lady living in our finished basement, who also uses our internet. So she is not techy at all, so nothing is really out of the question. When i download things, or game, the internet may slow, but still workable. However, when she downloads the internet pretty much goes down the drain. It will literally take a whole minute to load a page, and i get about a 1,500 ping instead of my normal 53-55...This is totally unacceptable. My parents refuse to take any action, and she always blames something other than what she's doing. So i have access to computers, and the router/modem. She gets a single line that goes into her own modem to be split up. I really need some way of limiting her bandwidth, without alltogether disabling it. She downloads from websites, so i can't use p2p blocking software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Oh, and my provider is Verizon and the modem/router is Westell VersaLink- Model 327W
  2. QoS (Quality of Service)

    Set her port to lower priority, find out the ports her P2P users and lower those for priorities, or increase the priority of your games/etc.
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