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I am looking to purchase a new mobo but can't decide which one to buy and need to know which would be better for the gamer and oc in mind. I am also looking at paying around $400 for a new mobo.

Has to have these specs:

Support for SATA III 6.0Gb/s (two ports at least)

Support for 3-way SLI or CrossfireX

Has to be X58 chipset (Socket 1366)

Has to have support for OC

Has to have support for Ram up to 2200Mhz with OC

Now I have found three boards I like but can't decide which is better:

MSI Big Bang Xpower

Evga Classified 3

Asus Rampage III Formula

Note: I will be getting the Intel Core i7 970 Stock 3.2Ghz Six Core Cpu when I get cash
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  1. Better get the newer i-5 2500k and a socket 1155 mobo.

    Why do you need three way SLI and CF, three cards don't scale good.
  2. Oi...I just bought a new pc about a month ago I don't want to upgrade to the sandybridge plus I don't like it...I am good with my x58 setup I just want a better mobo for what I have so DONT tell me to upgrade to something else!
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