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I bought all the components for a new PC on Black Friday, and I'm now trying to figure out how I should set up my new PC's storage. I already own a 1tb WD Black HDD, but now I'll have an Intel 330 180gb SSD as well.

Would I be better off installing Win 7 64bit to the SSD and just using the HDD for storage, or should I install the OS to the HDD and enable Intel's SRT cache technology to substantially speed up the HDD? I have an Ivy bridge cpu and z77 mobo.

I understand that I can allocate up to 64gb to the cache, and then the rest of the SSD will available as a separate partition. Will running Windows 7 like this compare to installing it directly on the SSD? Even if its a little bit slower, I think it'd be worth it because it'll speed up everything I run from the HDD, instead of just the data that's installed directly on the SSD.

Anyone with experience using SRT? I can't seem to find much current information from people who've tried it. Thank in advance.
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  1. SSD should be the boot drive - feel free to put some games on it and programs as well

    keep the HDD for data
  2. Don't use SRT for caching. Use the SSD for the OS, key programs and data, and the HDD for storage. 180Gb is really a lot of space if you optimize your SSD properly:
  3. Okay, thanks for the quick replies. I'm a little curious why nobody uses the caching though. Is it because the performance is a lot worse, or does it have to do with wearing out the SSD?

    Also thanks for that link, lots of good info on there.
  4. Nothing to do with wearing out the SSD, that will not happen unless you write many hundreds of terabytes to the drive, which is very unlikely for 99.9% of users.

    The performance is just not worth wasting valuable SSD space -- the SSD performs so much better than the cached setup that it is just a waste of your time.
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