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what is a good gaming mouse that i can get for $30 to $45? Im looking ot buy one but i dont know what to look for in a mouse and i dont know what is a good brand. Any help would be great, thanks.
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  1. go to a best buy frys, or microcenter. they usually have some mice out for you to try out.
  2. Logitech MX 518 is one of the best gaming mice you can buy within your price range
  3. Is that a good mouse to have for gaming or is it just the best for that pricerange?
  4. I have this mouse, and my only complaint is that the wheel in the middle will occasionally register two 'rolls', when i only advanced it one time.

    However, it appears that I am in the minority as it does have great reviews.
  5. thanks guys looks like im going to get that one!
  6. Surely get the MX518.. Even if you take out the price point, it is the best gaming mouse till date (and I won't even care to add IMO to that statement)..
  7. I agree w/ Maz ... love the 518 buy em, for office and home. Especially like the "beat up" look of it. Usually get it for about $35, it's $29 after MIR

    Also check out the G500 available now for $40 after $20 MIR which I admit, I like a bit better after building a box for my son's friend with one.
  8. thanks guys.
  9. Hey everyone - allow me to chime in that this is a really good mouse. I got one last christmas and actually wrote a MX 518 Review at that link. The three plastic pads on the bottom of the mouse are WAY slick so you don't need a mousepad and for me, the best feature is the + / - buttons that let you speed up or slow down the mouse sensitivity in game. This helps a lot with games like GTA IV on steam where sometimes the games don't seem to match up right with our hardware. Also it has enough buttons that I can hot key everything too the mouse / shift mouse in Healbot when I play WoW which is helpful.

    I have never had a super elite trackball or gaming mouse, but for like 40 bucks, the MX 518 is probably the best mouse I have ever had.
  10. Yep! my 7yr old MX-518 still works like the day i bought it!
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