Best gaming card under $250?

Hey guys, just wondering what would be the best card for gaming. UNDER $250.

I right now have a 8800 GTX, but i would like sumthin better. Im also going to get a better processor but i already know which one.

Please tell me the best card! :wahoo:

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  1. It's down to either a GTX460 or an ATI 5770/5850.
  2. I would say that the 5850 would be the best gaming card if you can find one for $250.00 or less, if not, go with the GTX 460.
  3. Yeah, I was going for the 5850 it's slightly better than the GTX 460 IMO, but I think the 470 may be better than the 5850, that's why I can't decide between them.. I also don't know if the 470 would fit in the motherboard (size wize)
  4. i'd go gtx460 and overclock but either the 5850 or gtx460 would both do high settings in most games at a reasonable resolution, what do you usually run your resolution at, and do you run sinle dual or triple monitors?
  5. Um, single moniter 1680X1050
    8800 GTX =)

    So you guys are either suggesting the GTX460/470 or an ATI
    5770/5850. Huh.

    And just an added Q. how much is a 8800GTX rarely use worth?
  6. I would go for GTX 460 (1GB version)
  7. im starting to lean toward the ATI HD 5850...
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    the rarely used part doens't reall matter, but really depends on the area you live in , nd who else is selling em, look on ebay/craiglist and price it competitivly, 8800gtx is old but hell its still better than some people (myself included) have so you might get a few bucks for it

    as for single monitor with that resolution, either card gtx460 or hd5850 would be able to handle most anything out there on med-high settings
  9. Ok thanks
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