Benchmarking/software help needed

I am in the process of ordering the parts for my first build:

Windows 7 Pro (student discount)
i7 950
CM690 II advanced
XFX 5870 XXX
Mushkin Redline 6GB RAM (1600)
Dark Knight cooler
Spinpoint F3 1TB
Corsair 40GB SSD
Corsair HX850
Lite-on 24x DVD drive
Asus Wireless Adapter
(Havent picked a monitor yet, will be 1920x1080 LCD)

I've spent a long time researching and choosing parts, but I dont know much about software.

What benchmarking/testing/temperature/fps/etc. programs should I get?
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  1. furmark - cpuz - gpuz - prime95? (cpu) - core temp - 3dmark - memtest - passmark. them are the ones i can remember off the top of my head. been doing alot of research myself since ill be building a new pc tomorrow when parts show up
  2. PRIME95 for testing CPU stability.
    Memtest for testing memory stability.
    Those are the important ones for testing your system.

    CPUZ for detailed specs of your system.
    Maybe Speedfan for temps.
  3. OCCT strest software
  4. Thanks guys! should i throw fraps in there too?
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    prime/memtest/furmark will work your cpu/ram/gpu for stability. 3dmark/passmark/furmark will benchmark the cpu/gpu. cpuz/gpuz will show all your info on cpu/gpu to make sure its running at the right specs. i see everyone suggest core temp for monitoring. fraps will work to if ya wanna throw it in there
  6. Prime 95
    core temp

    got it. thanks!
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