Get high resolution on 720p tv as computer screen

I am currently using a 32 inch tv as my pc monitor. I have it plugged in by HDMI to VGA. I cannot seem to pick up high resolutions, is it even possible?
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  1. It may be that you can only display typical TV resolutions.
    and several resolutions lower.

    I heard that when you use HDMI you can't go beyond 1920X1080. BUT.. your TV may not have the ability to display that resolution so it may not be selectable. Also, make sure you have your tv on BEFORE you turn your computer on.

    Going from HDMI to VGA is kindof odd... Is the VGA going into your TV or is it the HDMI that is plugged into your TV and which end is plugged into the computer?
  2. HDMI to VGA? Why not just use the TV's HDMI input...(It DOES have an HDMI input, right?).
  3. It goes HDMI from the tv to the pc's VGA input on my graphics card... I am currently using a custom resolution atm. My monitor (tv) DOES pick up the other resolutions but displays in very poor quality, and you can see the screen "fluttering" when selected. My computer does pick up basic 1024x768 but it basicly makes having a big montior pointless..... But the catch is - in video games i CAN use higher resolutions, just not on my desktop and programs
  4. what vga card do you have? cant you use the DVI port with converter instead of VGA? that would be much more sensible.
  5. sorry I am using hdmi from the tv to my computers DVI
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