AMD Phenom II X3 740 or AMD Athlon II X4 640

Hi i ordered both by mistake ( don t really matter here ),I have to cancel 1 of them .

I have a m2n-e board and i m just wondering if paying 15 more for the 640 is worth it . I m buying a new CPU for gaming .

I have a 8800 gt if it ever matter .

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  1. Thx was nt sure anymore if Athlon II was better for gaming or not .Looked at so much stuff on CPU yesterday .

    I ll go with the x3 then , with some luck i can unlock the 4th core but at least if i ever need to i can Overclock it . Until i decide to change boards that is ( m2n-e was surpassed by CPU it seem ) .

    Thx again for quick reply .

    p.s For the canadian interested to buy it it s only $88.58CAD ( 104 with taxe and air shipping ) on DirectCanada
  2. I would go with the athlon , the extra core will make a difference and they overclock well
  3. ^ +1 ...............and the Phenom II x3 740 is a BE and overclocks very well.
  4. not necessarily. depends on what games you'll be playing. have a look at some of the cpu benchmarks here on toms or passmark. the extra core could make a difference in cpu physics heavy games like crysis.

    calm down youngster...
    that's bad advice in this situation.
  5. OP, Please tell us what games and apps are you going to use this computer for as it would give our experts more information and would give you a better advice.

    Right now, your 8800 gt will be the bottleneck for either of those cpu.
  6. I just put together a rig with a MSI 78GM-P45, AthlonII X4 640, 8800GT, 4 gigs ddr3, WD 1TB Green and Windows XP Pro 32. The Athlon II X4 640 stock runs Great. I have a Zalman 9700 cooler running. And oh yes, my first rig is a MSI 790FX-g70 with Phenom II 965BEC2 OC to 3700, 8 gigs ddr3, Radeon BE 5850 with Intel ssd 80g; Samsung 1 tb spinpoint 3; other rig Asus M477TD with Phenom II 965BEC3oc to 3700 with Radeon5850 BE etc. I know what Phenom IIs are like and I'm telling you the AthlonII X4 640 is a great little chip. Runs cool and runs COD BO just fine.

    I have another rig with a Phenom II 720 and it is fast and oc to 4 core 3200 but for most games the 640 gives you a guaranteed 4 core chip plenty fast enough for most games.
  7. Just keep the 740, you'll love it. The 740 is a fast 3 core with L3 and might unlock a 4th core if you care to try. I have had the 720 and recently built a 740 based rig for a friend. He added a 6850 and is in love with his configuration. Replace the 8800 when you can and you'll be very happy for a year or so.
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