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What Card to get?

I have made a topic before asking if the 5970 is the card I should use, but I just wanted to recheck if there is something better I have my new custom computer and the case and PSU and MOBO can stand ANY GPU so with the unlimited budget what single card solution is best?

PS:This would be used for all of the newest games and future games for many years but I was really hoping for a single card setup.

Thanks in advance :bounce:

EDIT: No matter what I chose I would want a good deal so if you can recommend a card a link to a nice price would be appreciated
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    best single card solution is still the 5970
  2. Yeah looks like everyone agrees but now the chose of what brand I was thinking the XFX one was my fav and I have always liked XFX, but the lowest price I can find is ~660 USD

    Is there a better deal out there?
  3. either xfx or asus IMO.

    you might be able to find a better deal, but it will take some looking
  4. Unless something drastic happens, the 5970 will continue to stay above 650$.
  5. Agree, HD5970 is the faster single card. Needs a very long time to make this card obsolete... :)
  6. Alright than I'll start my hunt for an actually in stock and ~ 660 USD XFX 5970 I've decided if I'm gonna get this beast best go with a transferable warranty and the hottest looking version (being XFX's black edition) not to mention I have always liked XFX designs

    Thanks for all the help guys :D
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  8. Technically, the HD5970 isn't the fastest single card, its the ASUS Ares, then later on this year the MARS 2.
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