Icute PSU help please


So i was having problems with my pc booting earlier so i went to buy a new PSU to test it, the only PSU my local maplin had in stock was this Icute 1000W

I have no idea about PSU's but have 14 days to return this, so is it worth keeping or should I order something better online?

On the box it says:
+3.3v - 30A
+5V - 28A
+12V1 - 20A
+12V2 - 20A
+12V3 - 20A
+12V4 - 20A
-12V - 0.8A
+5Vsb - 2.5A

(+3.3V)+(+5V) = 180W
(+12V1)+(+12V2)+(+12V3)+(+12V4) =750W
(+3.3V)+(+5V)+(+12V1)+(+12V2)+(+12V3)+(+12V4) =830W
TOTAL POWER: 1000W(peak) 850w rated

Is this suitable for running the following:
790i ultra
E8500 (stock)
2X GTX 280 sli
4 GB 1333 RAM
4 case fans and some LED's
2 DVD drives

Im only using 1 GPU atm because im not sure

Thanks for any help
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More about icute please
  1. You could probably get away with 650W.

    the difference is 30 Pounds
  2. I wouldnt trust that brand for a second and I doubt it can output its rated power. Im sure you can find something better out there. Stick to Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, silverstone.
    heres some info
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