IDE/SATA to USB Adaptor not picking up drive.

Hi guys

So I picked up one of these here:

(not the exact same one, but similar of ebay)

I have a 3.5" and a 2.5" IDE drives from a PC and a laptop I used ages ago and was wanting to retrieve my data.

The 3.5" IDE worked perfectly.

However, when I plugged in the 2.5" IDE into the adaptor, I can hear the drive flickering and making sounds, but absolutely nothing registers on the computer.

The drive is maybe 10 years old, but it wasn't damaged when I took it out of the laptop.

I'm thinking, even if the drive went bad through all those years, wouldn't my computer at least show a USB device has been inserted and then say something about how the drive isn't accessible?

I've tried differing USB ports to no avail. Each time I hook it in, I hear the drive purr and I really want to access all my data from a decade ago!!

Any thoughts and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Oh and I might add.

    The ONLY time there was some sort of recognition was I was sticking the adapter onto the drive.

    and all of a sudden I get a message about a USB Power Surge.... it hasn;t happened since.
  2. I have the same gadget and just for ur info, this adapter doesn't work on SATA 3 devices.

    On the other hand, it seems like ur HDD is dead.

    In this case, the only way to recover the data is to send it to the lab and it will cost u arm and leg.
  3. Some USB-SATA bridges will not identify themselves if they cannot detect a drive behind the bridge.

    Does your bridge appear in Device Manager if you power it up without a drive connected to it?

    How does Microsoft's UVCView utility see the external drive?
  4. Hey mate

    Thanks for your help.

    When I stick it in Without a drive, nothing appears to change in device manager.

    I wasn't exactly sure where to check, but I checked under "Disc drivers" and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" after trying a few times.

    And that UVCView thing didn't seem to pick up on it either when I plugged it in, with or without the external HDD attached to it

  5. sadly, your drive is dead/dying. Any abnormal sounds are death. A drive can die without them, but with them it is a sure thing. Hook it up the old way, the normal way, and hope you can get data. wthether you are successful or not, toss it after (unless you have data worth spending several thousand dollars to recover)
  7. sorry ):

    if you're curious, listen to these

    i have no idea about the actual company, but the recordings and descriptions of various hard drive problems is pretty thorough, informative if not scary. maybe something will come of it
  8. I just want to address this myth that data recovery costs several thousand dollars.

    The following company offers fixed price data recovery for US$800 plus parts:

    The proprietor is Scott Moulton who is arguably the best known person in the DR business. I have no association with him or his company. I would use the above figure as your upper limit.

    I have also seen prices of US$340 in the Eurozone for a head swap, if you are prepared to ship across borders.
  9. Do they view your data? I have things on it that are embarrassing, though not criminal nor illegal.
  10. Well I hope this company follows through. About 10 years ago I sent a drive for data recovery, all were 1000+, but I found one for a few hundred in Canada. I sent a few emails back and forth, then my drive. Then the company and my drive dissappeared. No response to email or phone, and being international I was screwed.
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