Unsure about ram speeds...


Recently I noticed that my mother board flashes a red light underneath the MemOK button and
the light is where it says DRAM_LED (I have never seen this before.
Anyway my ram speed is suppose to be running at 1333MHz and I noticed that in CPUZ that it says DRAM Frequency: 669.0 MHz, Max Bandwidth: PC3-10700H (667MHz).

So I was wondering, is there something wrong.

(This is running on idle but when I run prime95 or a game nothing changes)

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    DDR stands for Double Data Rate - the RAM runs at twice the speed of the clock, transferring twice per clock cycle (on both the rising and falling edges of the clock). If the clock is running at 667MHz (actually 666.6MHz), then the DDR RAM is running at an effective speed of 666.6 x 2 = 1333MHz.
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