Best lighting customization site?

Hey guys, we're looking for cathodes, EL wires and all that lighting stuff, we know about Xoxide, any other recommendations?

Also can you guys teach me bout these different lights? We'd like to know everything haha, what the difference between cathodes, UV things, EL wires and all that are XD

and recommendations are welcome!
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  1. 50+ views, no replies?
  2. I'll reply just for you.

    Google/Yahoo will find your websites for you just as good as any of us can.

    And I can bet $ on it that Wiki can teach you all about the different types of lights and UV / EL that you want to know about.

    No trying to be rude or mean but why ask us when a little effort you can learn on your own very quickly? Four days from your first post, you should be an expert by now.
  3. Anyone can find just about anything if they search hard enough. These boards are specifically to ask for USER experiences by OTHERS. If you wanna tell someone to google something, then forums are basically useless. Thank you for your useless post though.
  4. Hey, Chill out, I said I wasnt trying to be rude. Fact of the matter is you didnt ask for "USER experiences" you asked for websites and facts, and which I pointed you to both. I thought "recommendations are welcome!" Sorry to have disturbed you so.
  5. It's pretty obvious what anyone wants. You (basically) told me to say go Google it. Yeah, I know I can do that, I was hoping someone could explain it in their own way since it is usually easier to understand.
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