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hi im looking to build a new system for my mom and what i got came to 900 i have an exspensive taste so i thought i would turn here... what we are looking for is an intel LGA 775 setup quadcore that will run around 700 to 800 dollars for everything os,case,psu,ram,hd...

i want a direct x 11 grafix and 4gig ram i would also like it to have been from
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  1. LGA775 is a dead chipset.

    What will your mom be using it for?

    Follow this guide and we can help you out:
  2. Yes, it's important to build a system so that it'll be used effectively. Pls fill the form out in that link so we can help you better :)
  3. Yup! LGA775 is long way gone! How could it come into your mind of having LGA775?
    If you are aiming for budget 4 cores build, try to look at i5 750 or X4 955.

    BTW : does your mom really need DX11, 4GB RAM and a quad?
    All she needs is probably just a simple dual, 2GB RAM, and a cheapest possible GPU.
    She will probably use it only for browsing, e-mail, social network, watching soap opera, and hearing music.
    This will be a PC for her or for you? :D
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