Upgrading to new OCZ SSD...How do I keep Win 7 running smooth??

Ok so I have ordered a new SSD for my PC I'm upgrading from a 120GB Vertex 2 to a 128GB Vector. Whats the best way to migrate the contents of that entire drive over to the new drive? Create an image of the vertex 2 and just reimage the new SSD? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate here is the rest of my setup.

CPU: I7 930 OC'd 3.8
GPU: 660 TI Direct CuII
Ram: 6GB Corsair Dominator
Case: Haf X
HDD: 2 x 1TB Western digital caviar blacks
MBD: Rampage 3 Extreme
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  1. Using the clone software (Easeus) to clone and that is the best way to do. But it is not for HDD to SSD cloning.


    If you want one for free http://www.paragon-software.com/home/br-free/
  2. It's your money but why would you upgrade from a 120 gb SSD to a 128 gb SSD , that's not much of an upgrade. I'm sure going from sata2 to sata3 might give some boost in performance but it's alraedy a SSD.
    I would put what you want to save on the WD drive and do a fresh install on the new SSD you can't have too much on the old SSD with a large storage drive as a secondary drive.
  3. I have use ToDo Backup to clone drive to drive more then once. It works good(Its not quite True Image good, but still FREE). I tend to do the clone from a different system.

    Only problem I have run into is sometimes the drive is not aligned, but that may have been me(may have messed up). I just used Gparted to align, but it requires a Windows startup repair or BCD edit to get it going again.

    As for keeping it running smooth. Windows 7 should take care of most things for you.
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