Sli gtx 9800 vs gtx 460

Would it be better and most cost effective to purchase 2 gtx customers choice 9800 cards rather than 1 gtx 460?
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  1. In a word, no.
  2. i have 2x 9800 GTX+ in SLI and it runs all games on medium - high settings exceptional depending of course on the game's graphical limits.
    You should get 2 GTS 450's and put them in SLI. It features all the latest technologies for video cards and $100 less than GTX 460 and the same price or less than a 9800 GTX+. $260 for 2 GTS 250's
  3. -_-

    2x 450 cost more than a single 460 and the 460 is just as good of a overclocker as the 450. Mind you that before this card I had 3 different sli setups and that doesn't include the 3dfx rig.
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