Peavey AMR 1600 power supply

Hello, looking for a power supply for a Peavy AMR 1600. Anybody out there? Thanks
Brian Culver, IN
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  1. "prebuilt computer systems" would not be the place to ask. From what I can see the power unit on one of these has no relation to a computer PSU. I'm not even sure it's DC...

    On page 82 of this .pdf file I think is a diagram of the needed PSU

    I have no idea what I'm looking at, but perhaps some of the smart folks at jonnyguru could help point you in a better direction at least:

    If you ask very nicely and point to the PDF, mentioning the page number, maybe?

    I doubt very much that you can just buy something that will work, but maybe something can be adapted since the pinout is also there in the PDF.
  2. I looked at the schematic diagram and it is only a little more complicated than the basic series regulator.

    Do you have a dead one? If so, any competent electronic tech should be able to repair it.

    If you do not have one, I'd check eBay. Or maybe Peavey will sell you one.

    By far the worst, the third choice is to pay someone to fabricate a replacement for you.
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