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Power Supply Fan Died

Is it possible that since the fan died this can be causing my computer to have random shut downs? I am getting it replaced very soon, but I just want to rule out a few things. Im also looking for suggestions of a good replacement PSU. Link to my comp:
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    If your PSU fan isnt running, and you have at least a moderate level PSU, it will have overtemp protection which will shut down your unit automatically when it over heats and it will with no fan running. It only pulls temps from a few points in the power supply which means you will have hotter spots which may cause the PSU to go out of spec without its protections kicking in which can be damaging for components. I would not continue trying to run the system until you replace the PSU.
  2. Ok I bought the new power supply, I installed it perfectly fine, Turned on the computer and it says my system was unable to start. what the hell happened?
  3. well if you ke help fixing the old power supply then head to the link in my sig and then you can get the old one fixed. meanshile, what psu did you buy?
  4. Its fine idea what it did. It went through a repair and said it couldn't fix it and shut down. 5 mins later I turned it back on and it was fine. So no worries I guess :sarcastic:
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