Why is my RAM underclocked?

I have a hp6245ca.. with a 2gb ddr2 667 mhz RAM..

i bought a pair of simmtronics 667 ddr2 ram and in cpu-z under memory it is showing - 265 mhz

but under spd it is showing pc2-6400( 400 mhz max)

what's the deal?

Which one is it? Physically it is written 667mhz on the ram.. im running win 7 on this machine.. and all my chrome tabs take ages to close.. the whole windows loading/closing is a sluggish experience...

Also why is the jedec #1 slower of slot 1 vs slot 2?

im attaching pics..

I tried prime95 stress test and the clock speed in memory tab just didnt budge above 266mhz!
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    Your biggest s-l-o-w problem isn't the speed of the RAM, it's the 2GB. I recommend 4GB minimum for Windows 7 to work properly and not constantly taping into the Virtual memory, PLUS a GPU sufficient for Areo.

    Next, the RAM you listed is 800 MHz DDR2, it running 265.5x2 = 513 MHz which is it's 'SPD' defaults per JEDEC #1. The 'Memory' tab has the 'running' characteristics and the 'SPD' tab has the Frequency, CAS Timings, etc that the RAM is capable of running. edit: the difference between '513 MHz' and '800 MHz' might be 1~3% faster.

    Problem, most OEM PC's BIOS lack the settings to increase the 'DRAM Frequency'. You can boot into your BIOS and look for Memory settings and see if there's either a setting for 'Frequency', 'Speed', or 'Multiplier'. Raise it to 800 MHz then Save the BIOS settings.
  2. Nopes there isnt any thing i can do with my hp bios... cant even see the freq of the RAM... checked evry single setting...

    so my ram is running at 513mhz?

    funny cause the 1gb ram that arrived with this laptop had 1gb ddr2 667mhz..

    also i have a windows gadget.. and at no point.. not even during prime95 does it reach above 1900mb..
  3. Some RAM goes the the 'BIOS'/MOBO aka 'Hardware Reserved' to run the onboard devices e.g. USB, I/O, IGPU, etc. Yep it is running -> 265.5x2 = 513 MHz ; DDR2 = Double Data Rate rev 2. CPU-z shows the 'I/O bus clock' and not the 'Data rate' which is two clocks per cycle.

    It doesn't surprise me that your HP lacks the Memory Frequency settings, this is almost universal to most OEM BIOS - it's that way so the PC runs as opposed to someone setting something that won't run.

    Further, you do NOT want to combine different Frequency, CAS or Voltage RAM. There's no 'average' the slowest wins -- to remain stable. Example:

    800 6-6-6-24
    667 5-5-5-24
    667 6-6-6-24 combined worst of each ; mixing voltages is really bad.

    Note Hardware Reserved:
  4. Yeah got yur point! i knew the fact that due to ddr2 my freq would be 533 mhz....

    just was hard to believe...

    Also im using both NEW ddr2 ram sticks... also is the max bandwidth of these really 800mhz? meaning if i plug them into another laptop will it run @ 800mhz if supported by that laptop?

    if yes then is it written incorrectly on my ram physically?
  5. Also i use my laptop for just net browsing/movie viewing.. no hardcore rendering/benchmarking.. that i leave for my pc..
  6. On XP 2GB is fine, on Win 7 2GB is low; try turning-off Aero it'll run a lot faster. Also, run MSCONFIG and disable all of the Start-up junk and non Microsoft Services.

    The 2 sticks the you posted above have 800 MHz 'SPD' encoding so they should run at 800 MHz. Now as for their 'Rated' speed sure it could be less {packaging}. The JEDEC # 1, 2 & 3 is coming straight off your RAM, along with the corresponding CAS Timings and Voltage.

    Upgrading a Notebook's OS isn't always a great idea e.g. XP -> Vista -> Win 7 the reason is they use obscure drivers. IF your Notebook's OEM site list Windows 7 drivers IMO install all of them.

    Good Luck! :)
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  8. Thanks.. mate... so no chance to run win 7 with 1 gb ddr2? if the ram exceeds 1gb it will take ram from irtual memory right?
  9. IMO - I wouldn't run Win 7 on 1GB, but the Minimum requirement (32-bit) is 1GB ->

    Yep, if you use 1GB you're going to be using a lot of Virtual Memory {a/k/a your slow HDD}.

    This is an example of my Win 7 Pro x64 and with nothing open 920MB
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