SATA Laptop HDD in a Desktop - Any voltage issues?

I'm thinking about putting the SATA HDD from my dead laptop into my desktop tower for some extra storage (I'm using the CM HAF X, which comes with a couple options for mounting 2.5" drives). My only concern is the voltages. From what I understand, 3.5" drives use both +12 V and +5 V, whereas 2.5" ones only use +5 V.

Would this be a problem, or would the 2.5" drive just ignore the +12 V and run off the +5 V?
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  1. Use the proper adapter it (~$10) will be no problem. I've done this many times.
  2. By "adapter", I believe abbadon_34 is referring to brackets that physically adapt a 2.5" drive to a 3.5" bay, not a voltage adapter.
  3. Sata Laptop and Desktop drives all have the same wiring and voltages
    Its due to SATA being a standard all devices have to conform too
  4. fzabkar: Correct, no voltage adapter.

    As kitsunestarwind said, Laptop and Desktop drives are the same, data transfer connection, power transfer connection. You have a converter that makes the connections on one drive plug into the other computer, and you are done.
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