How do I reinstall an OS on a SSD.

Wondering how to properly reinstall Windows 7 64bit Ultimate on an SSD. My SSD is Corsair Performance Pro and it has no downloadable firmware so I don't have to worry about updating it. Should currently note that my SYSTEM RESERVE is a separate partition but part of C... so I have C and I visible I want to avoid that with this installation.

So far I put my latest non Beta BIOS file on a FAT32 flash drive and moved all precious documents over to the HDD and unplugged it's sata cable from the motherboard. Prepairing to reinstall the SSD with a clean slate. I know that AHCI mode has to be enabled but what else should I do? Should I blech it after deleting everything from the partition and should I clear the CMOS then update my BIOS before installing windows 7 because my SSD i s newer than the stock BIOS.

Why am I reinstalling? I removed duplicated files with a utility software without backing up my system and my OS is pretty wasted now, it looks like windows 98 hahaha...
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    When there is no new firmware you need to backup your data first. Then you should switch to AHCI.
    With Parted Magic you can secure erase your ssd.
    Just create a bootable Thumb drive with UNetbootin or write a CD/DVD.
    After doing the secure erase on your erase just reinstall Windows 7.
    There you can disable superfetch service.
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  3. Sorry max I never ended up having time to do it but have given you best answer anyway. Still, do you mind elaborating a bit? Should I create the bootable Thumb Drive with UNetbootin before or after a secure erase with Parted Magic? Also what is UNetbooting and "superfetch service".
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