Can I loan an os to a laptop from a external hard drive?

I have a laptop which i can not boot. The hard drive registers in the bios but i can not get it to boot or install a fresh os. I also tried to return to factory state. gets 98% then error message.I believe the hard drive works but not sure.
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  1. You cannot install an OS onto a hard drive and then move it to a machine with a different motherboard, you can however use something like a linux live CD to boot off of and trouble shoot from there, it will bypass the NTFS security as well so you will have access to everything.
  2. Ty for your quick reply. The error I receive is error :10-FC12-045D. I explained earlier about the recovery I tried. Do you think this means that the hard drive is shot? defective? Any help is appreciated.
  3. This is very common with a laptop that the laptop has been dropped while it is on and has damaged the hard drive. There could be other causes for your problem but the likelihood is that the drive is faulty. I think that you would be probably wasting your time trying to diagnose the hard drives condition as 99 times out of 100 it is the drive that is at fault.
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