Gigabyte GV-GTX275UD-896H

Hi friends...

I bought Gigabyte GV-GTX275UD-896H VGA card while i was working in USA from newegg..Now i am back to my homeland, INDIA.

It was working fine in my old system..

2 days back i bought a new X58 System with corei7 930,X58A-UD5 2.0 and Corsair 1600 dominators.

Yesterday when i placed my GPU in the system, the board doesn't POST..And it kept on restarting after every 10 sec or so..

I tested with an another ASUS 9600GT CARD and my system worked fine..

Now when i tested my VGA card in another machine still no display is coming in that machine too..and that machine doesn't seems to POST.

I am using a 700 WATT PSU...

When i power up the machine the FAN in the card rotates but no display comes..


My card is in warranty but i cannot send it back to US, since there is a risk of customs and all.

And in my country there is no support for VGA produced by GIGABYTE..
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  1. No beep sound of POST is heard even..:(
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