Do i need all these windows updates

when im on a page im reading suddenly i lose the page and my home page comes on and i havent touched any thing
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  1. I tried disabling the windows updates, but it didn't work. With my dsl going, windows will magically download while I'm doing something else, then boom, when I go to shutdown, I get the message that it's installing updates. I finally gave up, and let the updates install.
  2. you don't NEED all the windows updates, alot of it is just garbage put onto your PC, i usually download the important ones and then disable windows updates, you can go into your control panel, the into security center and turn off updates, also disable it in your services.msc, and be sure when you are in the security center to remove the check from windows updates to notify you, in the "change how windows security center alerts me"

    EDIT: also you can shut off the wuauclt.exe in task manager, then delete it in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, be sure to delete it right after you turn it off in control panel or it will just start back up on you again.
  3. hutchings1909 said:
    when im on a page im reading suddenly i lose the page and my home page comes on and i havent touched any thing

    What does this have to do with Windows updates?
  4. Yes you do need most of the updates, unless you're a part of a botnet.....
    If you have a lot of junk bars installed on the browser, this is something that is pretty normal.
    Browser background activity , in your case, needs to be monitored. Some task scheduling needs to be rectified and you need to run a proper anti virus to test your system for malware.....
    Things happen magically only in Hogwarts.....:)
    So if you have something present inside your system that you have no idea about, this is a symptom.....
  5. I would recommend installing most Windows updates, but you can leave any Windows live, or driver updates. Look at what they are and Google if you don't know.
  6. For me, Windows updates slow down your PC and rarely secure it. I havn't installed updates for a couple of months, and I've been absolutely fine, no viruses, nothing. As long as you have a reputable antivirus like AVG or Avast and an active firewall you'll be fine.
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