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What PSU has 2 PCI-E 6pin and is over 600W for under $80

what PSU has 2 PCI-E 6pin and is over 600W for under $80?, preferably with a dbA of less than 30, right now all my fans (besides for my GPU are at 19 dbA and so i would like to keep this as quite as possible), the other think i would like help with is if anyone knows how to lower/muffle the sound of a radeon 5850 without hurting preformance?

I am building a gaming rig, I plan on over clocking my CPU(hopefully to almost 4ghz)and tweaking my GPU a little and cant find any PSU's with the right connectors for less than $100

so far i am looking at an

ASUS P7P55D Deluxe ASUS $153
Core i5 760 Processor i5 $210
XFX HD585XZAFC Radeon HD 5850 Video Card Radeon $230
Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Black Case HAF $ 140
Lite-On iHES108-29 Blu-Ray Combo Drive blu $60
RAM im not sure yet on what brand but I want 6gigs
HD Samsung SpinPoint F3 Desktop Class 1 TB Internal hard drive-300 MBp-7200 rpm HD$54

my total budget is about $1000 and at first i'm gonna use a flat screeen HD TV, i have as a monitor untill i get more money, i already have a nice mouse and key board im gonna use, so just need the PSU and the RAM
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  1. $75 after $20 MIR - Antec TP-650

    $70 Antec EarthWatts EA650 has one 6 pin and one 6+2 pin

    $69 after $20 MIR Corsair TX650 has two 6+2 pins
  2. Both of those are nice choices by a good brand. The TP-650 leaves some more room for future upgrades, such as a second GPU for Crossfire, but if you don't ever plan to upgrade, the EA650 will do the job for slightly cheaper.

    If you pick a good brand of PSU, it will be able to consistently and reliably supply the power your system needs. Keep in mind that an overclocked system will draw more power than a system at stock speeds, and an underclocked system will draw less - the basis for using ULV processors in laptops and netbooks.
  3. thx alot, which would u recomend?

    also do you have any suggestions on for RAM?
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    Never having used DDR3 or Triple Channel RAM, I can't suggest anything for that, but of the now 3 PSUs listed above, I'd go with the Corsair - leaves tons of room for future upgrades, is the cheapest of the three, and has the best and most consistent reviews. None of the three have bad reviews, but the Corsair's stand out. It also has free shipping.
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  6. thx
  7. No Problem - a quick suggestion on RAM - Look for good names like Corsair, GSkill, Patriot etc.
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