Is there any connector to make back usb 3 panel to connet it to front

one of my friend brought MSI H67MA-E35 which has usb 3 at the back side he brought a cabinet which supports only usb 2.0 at there any way to make usb 3 available at the front panel..we cant use use the back panel coz it is full of wires and hard to plug the usb ..we also dont want male to female connector ..we want a solution which makes usb 3 available at the front
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  3. this board has only usb 3 at back side that is only 2 usb 3 ports how to use it in front
  4. pls quick reply my board the only 2 usb 3 ports at rear then how i can connect it to front pls tell me
  5. The Silverstone FP36B for example - to install:
    1. Install the SilverStone FP36B in any free 3.5" bay in the front of the case.
    2. Pull the USB 3.0 cables through e.g. remove a PCIe 'blank' or any 'opening' to the rear of the case.
    3. Plug the USB 3.0 cables into the MOBO's USB 3.0 plugs, blue ports, at the "board has only usb 3 at back side"
    See manual ->

    If you require MORE USB 3.0 ports, the you need something like SilverStone EC03 ->
    or Koutech IO-FPH431 4-Port USB 3.0 Front Panel Hub

    The problem with a HUB is that you are 'splitting' the bandwidth.
  6. thanks man
  7. Good Luck - let me know how it goes!
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