Crossfire 5770 or get 5850

hey guys :bounce: Should i buy a radeon hd 5850 or should i get two HD 5770's and run them in crossfire.Im going to be doing meduim gaming and i have 3 20 inch monitors each with a the res of 1600 by 900. :o thanks
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  1. ill be using eyefinity also
  2. How much are two GTX460s in your area?
  3. Two 5770s in Crossfire will perform close to a 5870, while costing marginally more than a 5850.So the 5770s in Crossfire is a better option than a 5850.Eyefinity will be benefited from 2 cards due to the 2 GB frame buffer.
  4. Reasons to get two HD 5770's

    Better performance as eyefinity will benifit from more than more on card.

    Reasons to HD 5850

    Freeing up your options for a future HD 5850 crossfire which will produce a LOT better performance

    less power consumption

    Less heat production

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    i would go with a 5850, people always say two 5770 in CF is more powerful, then a 5870, but that's going on beast case senerios where the scaling of the 5770 is at it's best, from what i've seen it's honestly more like 70ish%, so sure you might be getting 5-10% more performance, but you also have to deal with the problems that come with sli/crossfire
  6. i agree rather go for the 5850, my bro has 5770s in crossfire and it gives him problems quite often, rather go for a 5850 and later on you could add another 5850 making your pc more future proof
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